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Pacific Interwest Logo
Pacific InterWest Building Consultants, Inc.

Pacific InterWest provides a complete package of project services to assist builders with quality control and risk mitigation for rental and for sale projects. While our core business is third-party construction inspection and peer plan review, the complete complement of services provide a continuum of care from the earliest stages of project planning to well beyond project close out.

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Pacific States Aerial Logo
Pacific States Aerial

Pacific States Aerial is a full-service commercial Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) operator authorized by the FAA for aerial services throughout the United States. Pacific States Aerial provides a complete package of data collection services to multiple industries using photographs, video, 3D mapping used to establish elevations, linear and volume measurements and much more.

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HEA Logo
Homeowners Education Association

Homeowners Education Association distributes homebuilding industry publications to property developers or homeowners to utilize and understand industry guidelines for residential construction. All publications have the common theme of home building quality control, SB 800 Construction compliance, and industry standards of care. Consumer expectations, workmanship guidelines and standards, and structured maintenance programs are emphasized throughout each publication. The residential property development publications are written and display information in an easy to understand format so anyone can get involved in compliance and / or maintenance of their property.

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DEM Logo
DEM Site Evaluation and Inspection Company

DEM Site Evaluation and Inspection Company performs preconstruction and post-construction services for builders including surrounding property surveys, homeowner association turnover inspections, homeowner and homeowner association maintenance manuals, and periodic homeowner association maintenance surveys.

BSI Logo
The Building Standards Institute

The Building Standards Institute is a non-profit organization established for the purpose of providing consumer education in the field of residential construction. Additionally, The Building Standards Institute shares information among builders, specialty contractors, manufacturers, and suppliers regarding issues of SB 800 (The Right to Repair Law), product safety, methods of construction, and innovations in the trade. The Building Standards Institute draws upon the contributing efforts of industry leaders and technical experts. The mission of The Building Standards Institute is to provide timely, unbiased information to the building industry and consumers on issues such as building performance standards, code changes, maintenance suggestions, and new product information.

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HomeAid Nor Cal Logo
HomeAid America – Northern California

HomeAid is a leading national nonprofit provider of housing and resources for people experiencing homelessness. It was founded in 1989, by the Orange County chapter of the Building Industry Association of Southern California. Since 1995, HomeAid has expanded to 19 chapters, 13 states and has provided housing for more than 330,000 individuals. HomeAid America’s work in providing housing and resources to those in need is more critical than ever, with more than 3.5 million Americans experiencing homelessness every year. DDRE enjoys participating in HomeAid’s goal and efforts to assist our community in times of need.

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CBIA logo
California Building Industry Association

The California Building Industry Association (CBIA) has historically played a significant role in California’s economic strength, and its success is critical to the state’s current recovery. CBIA was established in 1943 and there are 10 regional affiliates. CBIA is focused on supporting intelligent, constructive policies that bolster the construction industry and will fight back against efforts that seek to stifle the economic benefits of the new construction and homebuilding sector. CBIA successes have included fighting back efforts to impose costly and burdensome housing mandates.  DDRE and its affiliated companies are actively involved with the building industry associations within the following California regions: Bay Area, North State, Southern California and San Diego.

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CHF Logo
California Homebuilding Foundation

The California Homebuilding Foundation (CHF) supports and celebrates future, present and past homebuilding professionals through funding research studies, producing scholarships and promoting educational programs. CHF operates under the core principle that better education benefits communities, trades, and students.

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BITA logo
Building Industry Technology Academy (BITA)

The California Homebuilding Foundation promotes the Building Industry Technology Academy (BITA) which educates and empowers students who are interested in a future building industry career. BITA is a four-year construction trades program offered free of cost to California public school students. This program is highly motivating to young individuals who desire to become involved in the construction industry.

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National Association of Home Builders

The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) strives to protect the American Dream of housing opportunities while working to achieve success for its members who build communities, create jobs, and strengthen the economy.  Each year, NAHB constructs about 80% of the new homes built in the United States. NAHB was founded in the early 1940’s and has a federation of more than 700 state and local associations and represents more than 140,000 members.  NAHB is member driven, with more than 1,700 members serving on the leadership’s council.

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PWB logo
Professional Women in Building-Bay Area

The Professional Women in Building Council (PWB) encourages networking and empowerment of members as they progress in their careers.  PWB strives to give-back to the community, empower women to be a force and provide a positive and knowledgeable environment. PWB offers opportunity, mentoring and advancement in business knowledge.

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