Land Acquisition

DDRE works with development partners to source land acquisition opportunities that meet their requirements. DDRE analyzes all aspects of the potential purchase to determine profit potential. Specific areas of focus include fee studies, entitlement, environmental challenges and costs, design budget, land development costs, market research and analysis, and proforma financial analysis.

Land Planning & Design

Based upon the results of the market study and market positioning, DDRE manages the land planning, product segmentation, and lot yield. DDRE actively directs the critical design details of mass grading, civil design, offsite design, and landscape, park and amenity design to stay within budget and on schedule.

Entitlements & Approvals

DDRE navigates the course for obtaining federal and state agency approvals; municipal approvals from tentative map to final map and improvement plans; and landscape, park, amenity, and architectural approvals from Design Review Board to Planning Commission and City Council. DDRE builds long-term relationships with local jurisdictions and community stakeholders to ensure project success.

Land Development

Our land development service provides thorough evaluation, planning and engineering to position your project for success. We navigate the detailed due diligence period including land planning, environmental evaluations, conceptual designs, and building strategies. Continuous service during the land development process goes hand-in-hand with our client-centered approach. We ensure that all aspects of your project are managed with integrity and value.

Project Management

Throughout the development process, DDRE’s experienced project management team members oversee all planning, design, and construction. DDRE takes a boots-on-the-ground approach to planning, managing, and executing all stages of the project. Budgets, schedules, and reporting are the basis of our approach to project management.

Budgeting & Accounting

Every month the project management and finance teams update the budget, project cashflow, schedule, and business plan. Attention to these basics minimizes “surprises” and provides the best possible financial optics.

Project Administration

DDRE’s project administration team oversees and manages all of the administrative tasks that need to be done. They coordinate meetings, take minutes and distribute meeting reports. They organize and maintain project related files, plans, specifications and scopes of work via an electronic shared platform with the project team and they also manage the bidding and contracting process, insurance compliance and enrollment in any project specific insurance programs.

Construction Management

By implementing best construction practices and focusing on production and safety, construction progresses in a productive manner and any obstacles are faced head-on. Constant communication between construction managers, project managers, contractors and administrative staff keep all of the project stakeholders updated and involved every step of the way. DDRE can manage the construction of all phases of the project from grading, wet and dry utilities, street work, landscaping, and construction of all public and HOA amenities.